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13 Things to Do by Yourself During the Holiday Season

Do have some time to yourself this holiday season? If not, make some!

As an introvert, I believe that time alone is just as important as time with other people. During the holidays, time alone helps us unwind from all of the parties and family gatherings.

Take an afternoon just for yourself and try one of these things to do in the holiday season by yourself. Plenty of things that are fun with other people are fun by yourself, too.

Things to Do by Yourself During the Holiday Season

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Things to Do by Yourself During the Holiday Season

Make Homemade Gifts

If you’ve ever received a homemade gift, you know just how special they are. Think of the perfect gift for each of your favorite people and then make them. It may be easier than you think and it could be the perfect opportunity to improve your crafting skills!

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating isn’t only fun when done with friends. In fact, ice skating alone is the perfect time to attempt all of those tricks you’re afraid to try when your friends are around. Triple axel, here you come!

Christmas Cookies

Evidence of my cookie decorating skills. Clearly, that’s Waldo, an elf, and a lady in her best party dress.

Bake Cookies

One wonderful thing about the holidays is… wait for it… Christmas cookies! I mean, what other time of year is it acceptable to bake five different types of cookies in one day and then pass them out to everyone you know (and everyone you don’t)?!

Spend an afternoon getting fancy with your baking skills. Then impress your coworkers and friends with some delicious (and beautiful) cookies.

Snuggle Up with a Good Book

This is preferably done in front of a fireplace with a Christmas novel, but really any comfy chair and book will do. Make yourself some hot chocolate with marshmallows and get lost in the pages.

Go for a Walk

The crisp air of winter and the beauty of leafless trees and fresh snow (if you have it) – why wouldn’t you take a walk? Enjoy nature or the bustle of the city during the holidays with a walk around the block.

Decorate Your Home

Last year was my first holiday season living with my husband (we got married in October of last year) and I wanted our home to be perfect. I seriously had so much fun shopping for cheap ornaments and decorations to match our green and black plaid woodland theme.

Pick a theme and try to decorate your space for as little as possible. The possibilities are endless.

Drive Around and Look at Light Displays

Last year, my husband and I went on a tacky light tour with some friends in a nearby city. I loved seeing all of the crazy light displays and I enjoyed driving through some neighborhoods I had never been through before.

(One neighborhood we drove through was straight out of fairytale – there was a brook running through the front yards of all the houses with little bridges going over the brook. Seriously adorable!)

But you don’t have to go with other people. Take a drive by yourself and admire the lights. If there’s a street that goes all out, you could take a walk down the street. Normally, on streets like that, the home owners sit out front and are super friendly!

Christmas Movie Marathon

Check out your favorite Christmas movies from the library and have a movie marathon. Don’t forget some hot chocolate and all those Christmas cookies you made earlier! You should also remember to wear your cutest Christmas PJs… and maybe build a fort. So fun!

Watch a Christmas Movie at a Discount Theater

If movie marathons aren’t your thing, you could see just one Christmas movie at the local discount theater. Some old theaters offer showings of old holiday films at a discounted price.

I saw Elf with the little girl I mentor and the theater had gone all out with hot chocolate and… Santa was there!

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses made by me and my former boss. Just bringing some Christmas spirit to the office!

Make a Gingerbread House

A few years ago, my old boss and I made some epic gingerbread houses. (Yeah, she was a cool boss.) Until then, I didn’t realize just how fun gingerbread houses can be.

You can either use your killer baking skills to make fresh gingerbread or you can buy a kit from the store. Either way, get creative and then show off your masterpiece!

Make Christmas Tree Ornaments

Whether your tree needs some extra love or you need some gifts for friends, use your crafting skills to make tree ornaments. If you need ideas, Pinterest is the perfect place to start.

Practice Your Holiday Cooking

Let’s face it… no one gets all the Christmas trimmings right the first go ’round. And who doesn’t want to eat green bean casserole for dinner? Use your time alone to practice making the perfect Christmas dinner. Just consider holding off on the ham… that could get expensive.

Get Creative with Gift Wrapping

In case you didn’t know, there are a million ways to wrap a gift, and I have recently become obsessed with stylish wrapping.

My favorite is brown parchment paper with tweed string and little woodland creatures cut out of green and black plaid wrapping paper. Over the top? Maybe. Adorable? Absolutely!

Try out different styles of wrapping to find your favorite.

One Last Note

The list of things to do alone during the holidays certainly doesn’t end here. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you do, make some time for yourself this season and enjoy the time you have alone!

Things to Do by Yourself During the Holiday Season

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