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September 2018 Personal Growth Goals

August was a long month. It involved a lot of long days and some frustrations with work and school. But at the end of it all, work is looking up and I got an A on my first graduate-level course!

There are some exciting things lined up for September and the rest of the year and I’m looking forward to putting (most of) those frustrations behind me and going all in on some new projects.

September 2018 Personal Growth Goals

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August Goals Report

What I Learned in August

Last month, I went through the Make Over Your Morning course and, as I was going through it, I had a realization… my goals aren’t specific. I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before. I’ve even written about SMART goals (S standing for “specific”) in pretty much every post I’ve written about goals so far.

The truth is, I honestly thought my goals were specific. But they’re not. If they were really specific, there would be a clear picture of what my morning routine looked like, not some vague understanding of something I still need to create, and there would be a set timeline for each goal.

My lack of specificity basically explains every reason I haven’t been able to achieve my goals. I mean, what does it even mean to “stick to a morning routine”?

For September, I’ve created goals that are detailed, straightforward, and timebound.

First, though, here’s how I did on my August goals:

Create and Stick to a Morning Routine

So, yeah… I actually did much better this month with having a consistent morning routine and getting to work early. I kept track in my bullet journal and managed to get to work early 16 out of 23 work days. But that’s still not quite as good as I would have liked.

One thing that I found helpful this month was ditching the idea that a morning routine has to be super complex and chock-full of everything you want to accomplish that day. I realized that it’s better to have a simple, achievable routine that starts off your day without any rushing than it is to run around like a crazy person and never actually manage to go through your routine start to finish.

Read the Bible and Pray Daily

I didn’t do quite as well on this goal. I ended up only having a quiet time 6 days this month, which I definitely consider having failed this goal. However, next month I have some ideas about how to do this better.

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September Goals

Now on to my September goals. Like I mentioned above, I realized last month that my goals were anything but specific, so this month I made my goals as specific as possible.

Leave the house by 7am every weekday this month

See? Told you! Specific.

The starting time at my job is somewhat flexible. But if I can get in at 8am Monday-Thursday, I’m able to leave by noon on Friday, which is absolutely worth it. Problem is… it doesn’t always feel worth it when I’m trying to roll out of bed at 6am.

A huge part of my reason for establishing a morning routine in the first place was to get to work earlier so that I can leave earlier on Fridays. This goal addresses that desire.

Go through one module of the Make Over Your Mornings course every weekday until I finish

I went through the whole course already in August, but there was so much information that I’d like to go through it again.
If I do one module each weekday, I should finish on September 20th.

If you want to know more about Make Over Your Mornings, I’ll be posting a review of it within the next week, so stay tuned. (Update: You can find the review here.)

Read one chapter of A Woman After God’s Own Heart before 7am every morning this month

I bought a book/devotional that I can read as part of my quiet time each morning. This should help to focus that time a little more.

In the past, I would sit down for my quiet time and then sort of stare at my Bible, not knowing where to start.

I’ve struggled with finding a good devotional in the past, but I have high hopes for this one. I’ll let you know what I think in next month’s post.

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One Last Note

So there you have it! My super specific and time-bound September personal growth goals.

What are your goals for August? Shoot me an email.

My Personal Growth Goals for September

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