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October 2018 Personal Growth Goals

Talk about a crazy month! September was incredibly busy and the busyness hasn’t stopped yet.

Last weekend, my husband and I moved! We are now living in a house that is 20 minutes closer to my workplace and – the best part – the house has internet! (Well… it will once it’s set up.) It’s like walking into the 21st century!

It’s been pretty difficult to work on an online MA degree and run a blog without internet access, so I am beyond excited about finally being able to work on things at home.

Hopefully, at-home internet access will translate to more good content and other blog goodies for you all.

That’s my big news for the month!

October 2018 Personal Growth Goals

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Now it’s October and I couldn’t be more excited! October is my birthday month and the month Jake and I got married and the month that leaves start falling and the air is crisp and it’s the perfect temperature for snuggling… and pumpkins and cider and apple pie and pretty colors and I could go on forever. October is seriously my favorite!

September Goals Report

What I Learned in September

The first two weeks of September went so well! And then it all went downhill from there.

During the third week of September, I had a three-day meeting at work, which translated to lots of long hours and late nights at the office. It also meant I woke up tired and got out of bed at the last possible moment.

Overall, that week completely threw off the routine I had finally gotten into.

At first, it was very frustrating to me, but I quickly decided that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. It’s okay to let life throw things off for a bit.

But… that doesn’t mean I can’t get back to that routine.

Gluten-Free Adventures

One other thing worth noting here is that I went gluten-free for a month and it made a huge difference in my life. Due to some health issues, I decided to try avoiding gluten, starting mid-August through mid-September, and I felt so much better!

Towards the middle of September, I started eating gluten again, just to see what would happen, and I felt terrible for days.
So… I’m officially gluten-free.

It makes me very sad – because mac n’ cheese is my favorite – but I also can’t help but think that the energy and lack of sickness was part of the reason that the first two weeks of September went so well.

It’s amazing how much you can do when you feel healthy!

Now, here’s how I did on my goals:

Leave the house by 7am every weekday this month

Like I said above, I did so well the first two weeks of September. During the second week, I made it to work by 8am every day, which I don’t think I’d ever done before, so that was huge for me! (In case you’re confused, I lived an hour away from work, so leaving the house at 7am equals getting to work at 8am.) However, with my work meeting and late nights, things got thrown off and I ended up coming in closer to 9am most days after the second week.

Go through one module of the Make Over Your Mornings course every weekday until I finish

Again, I did so well the first two weeks, but not so great after that. I made it through Day 8, so I need to finish the remaining 6 days.

Read one chapter of A Woman After God’s Own Heart before 7am every morning this month

With this goal, I didn’t necessarily read before 7am every day and I didn’t always read a full chapter, but I did read A Woman After God’s Own Heart most days (at some point) through the first two weeks of September.

I’m only about a fourth of the way through the book, but, so far, I’m loving it! It feels like sitting at the feet of a wise older Christian woman and learning from her and all her experiences.

I can’t wait to finish the book!

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October Personal Growth Goals

As I go into October, I want to be more realistic about what’s possible, given my study commitments and some things we have planned later in the month (AKA a short vacay/anniversary getaway).

This weekend, I have a 15-20 page paper due and there’s still a ton of work to be done on it. Aah! So I know I’m basically going to be out of commission for the first week of October.

So, with the disclaimer that I’m trying not to be overly ambitious, here are my goals for October.

Leave the house by 7:15am every weekday this month

With our move, I now have a little extra time in the mornings. I’m able to leave the house at 7:15 now and still make it to work by 8. I’m excited for that little bit of time and all of the ways I can use it.

I also really love mornings in our new home! We live on a horse ranch, so there are pastures of horses all around us and it’s so peaceful and quiet in the mornings.

I think it may be nice to start taking walks in the early hours. I’ve been told there’s a pond nearby where we can feed the fish and enjoy the view. I’ll have to check it out!

Go through one module of the Make Over Your Mornings course every weekday until I finish

I’m going to start this one next week, because this week I’ll be very busy with my paper, but it will only take 6 days to finish, so this should be an easy goal.

The lessons are really engaging and quick and I enjoy going through them. I just want to make sure I’m giving myself the time to really implement what I learn, instead of rushing through.

If you’ve been thinking about setting up a morning routine, I would suggest checking it out. You can find more info here: Make Over Your Mornings.

Read a little (or a lot) of A Woman After God’s Own Heart every day this month

I think last month I may have made this goal a little too specific.

Overall, it doesn’t really matter what time of day I read or have my quiet time, as long as it happens. I still think morning will be the best time, but I don’t want to feel guilty if I read in the evening instead.

I am really looking forward to diving into this book more, because I have really enjoyed it so far!

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One Last Note

As you can see, my October personal growth goals are pretty much the same as what they were in September… just a little easier. I’m hoping with a new home, shorter commute, and internet access, things this month will be a little better than they’ve been the past couple months.

I also want to give a huge shout out to my husband for being incredibly supportive and helpful over the last few weeks! (I have no idea if he’ll read this, but I want the world to know how amazing he is.)

He did the vast majority of the work for our move and has spent the last few days setting everything up in our new home. Every time I come home, a new room is unpacked! He has also made sure that I have plenty of time in the evenings to work on schoolwork and he woke up early this morning and made me breakfast. Really… he’s the best!

September was a crazy busy month, but this move will hopefully be the catalyst for some really positive changes in my life. Can’t wait to see what October holds!

My Personal Growth Goals for October

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