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November 2019 Income Report

Alrighty, folks! I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you posting an income report for November in March?” Great question. So, you see… around November of last year I got some big news.

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I’m going to save that news for my March income report, which I’ll post in a few weeks (stay tuned), but let’s just say that this news somewhat hindered my ability to accomplish much of anything and knocked me off my blogging feet for the last few months. I am now back in the game and just as excited and determined as ever to make this blogging thing work. 

So, now that I’m back, I want to catch you up on how the blog has been doing in my absence and share all of the income reports that you missed over the last few months. Because I’m writing them all a few months down the line, I’m going to keep them short and simple with just the numbers (which is what I know you’re actually here for). 

Keep in mind that between November and the end of February, I did absolutely nothing for my blog. I didn’t write any blog posts. I didn’t schedule any pins on Pinterest. I didn’t post to my Facebook page. I didn’t plan content. Nothing. So, naturally, the numbers reflect that and will probably have a slow climb back up over the next few months. (Although, December did amazingly well for no work.) 

For my next real income report, check back here at the beginning of April for a full income report for March! 

November 2019 Traffic 

Pageviews: 8,591 (down from 11,952) 
Email Subscribers: 518 (up from 453) 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month:  

November 2019 Income 

Income: $4.97 

Amazon Affiliates: $0.47
Shareasale: $4.50 

November 2019 Expenses 

Expenses: $30.74 

ConvertKit: $29
GSuite: $1.74 

I finally took the time to upgrade my business email to Google and it is so much better! The free platform that I was using before (the one that came with my computer) made it difficult to sort and find emails. The final straw was when my emails started being marked as spam, even when I was sending a personal note to someone who had emailed me first.  

Anyways, if you’re struggling with your current email platform, I highly recommend trying out GSuite. It works well with my SiteGround email and was fairly easy to set up. 

One Last Note 

And that’s it. Short and sweet. Stay tuned for my December income report next week. (My income for December surprised even me.) 

Let me know if there’s anything I didn’t cover in this shortened income report that you want to know. I’m happy to share! 

Also, it’s good to be back 🙂

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