My Minimalist Bullet Journal

This is now my fourth year using a bullet journal and I love it! Over the years, my style has gone from busy and colorful to simple and classic. I know we, bullet journal enthusiasts, enjoy getting a sneak peek into others’ journals, so I’ve decided to share my minimalist bullet journal with you.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

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When I first heard about bullet journals, I was quickly enthralled. I remember the day I went to Target to buy my first dotted Moleskine and then found the closest coffee shop where I sat for hours setting it up.  

I was so prepared with colored pencils and multi-colored pens and, by the time I was done, my bullet journal was a colorful mess… and I loved it! 

However, as time went by, I realized how much time it took and how neglected my bullet journal had become because I just didn’t have the time to color-code everything and create elaborate spreads. So instead of leaving my bullet journal behind, I decided to take a different approach – minimalism! 

I went from using 10+ colors to using one silver pen and one gold pen and then, eventually, to just one black pen. My elaborate displays became more practical and what I was left with is a minimalist bullet journal that is simple, beautiful, and practical.  

Minimalist Bullet Journal Set Up 

I’ve set up my bullet journal for with monthly spreads and daily spreads. 

I used weekly spreads for a while, but then realized that they simply don’t contain enough space for me to organize everything that I need to get done in a week. I’ve found that Trello works better for my big-picture organizing.

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Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads 

I like to start out each month with a simple cover page. It certainly isn’t necessarily, but I enjoy marking the beginning of each month and personalizing my journal in this way. 

Bullet Journal August Cover Page
Monthly Goals 

Each month, I take some time to think through my goals for the month.  

Some months, I evaluate the 10 main areas of my life and use my evaluation to develop my goals.  

Bullet Journal Monthly Goals

Other months, I simply list out my goals for the month. 

Habit Tracker 

My monthly habit tracker is probably my favorite spread in my bullet journal. 

Each month, I simply create a chart and list out my goals/habits for the month. Then, each morning, I take a minute to mark how I did the day before and remind myself to do each of the tasks that day. 

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal Daily Spreads 

My daily spreads are simply a running list of my tasks for the day.  

I use the traditional bullet journal system for recording tasks and migrating them when they aren’t completed.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread

One Last Note 

As you can see, I keep things simple with my bullet journal. 

For me, it’s most important that my bullet journal is a fast, easy system that I can use to keep me on track each day. (Although, it’s also important to me that it’s beautiful; I just stick to simple illustrations now.) 

I want to see your minimalist bullet journal! If you keep a bullet journal (minimalist or not), share a photo of your journal on my Facebook page

My Minimalist Bullet Journal and Tips for Setting Up Your Own


  • Ana

    I love your bullet journal! I too was an enthusiast who spent way too much money on special pens that I never had time to use. I like to fill my Pinterest with elaborate spreads, but in reality my journal is much more simple than that. And I love it that way! I did however find that washi tape was a great addition that added that spark without taking a lot of time! Great to see some new ideas of how to lay it out a little differently.

    • Mikaela Miller

      Ana, I love this! It’s funny how much we have in common! I’ve seen a lot of spreads using washi tape that are really beautiful, but I never really got into it for my own journal. You’re right, though, it’s a really quick way to add some color and design.

  • Eden Tadifa

    I like your bullet Journal.
    I remembered, way back 2006, I also have my journal. I’m just using regular notebook but I enjoyed writing like you. But most of it, inside of my journal, was not really in written form; what’s really inside of my journal was drawing of people in my dreams. I used to draw them, so I won’t forget them.

    • Mikaela Miller

      One of the things that I love about my journal being dotted, instead of having lines, is that it gives me the freedom to draw in my journal without having lines in the background. But then, when I want to write, I have the dots to guide my writing and keep it straight.

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