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May 2019 Income Report

Like every other month around here, May was a busy month. In my May income report, I’m sharing what went right and what didn’t and how much I was able to make in May. 

Pageviews were slightly up, and income was slightly down. Overall, it was a month of doing the things that had to be done and not much else. Here’s how I fared. 

May 2019 Income Report

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Previous Income Reports 

April 2019 Income Report: $674.88
February 2019 Income Report: $187.41
May 2018 Income Report: $0

May 2019 Goals 

My business goals for May were somewhat ambitious. Working full time, getting my MA part time, and preparing for a three-week trip to Rwanda all made getting much more than the bare minimum done a little challenging. 

I think it’s worth noting here how having clients changes your business. My clients result in the vast majority of my business’s income, which is great. I enjoy working with my clients and think it would be a great full-time job.  

However, clients take a lot of time and they generally have set deadlines for various activities and projects. There are certain standards you must uphold. 

I’m finding that having clients means that I’m focusing most of my business time on meeting their needs, instead of working on new content to move forward other parts of my business. 

It’s a balance that I’m still working to find and something worth noting as a blogger or service-based business owner. 

Create productivity freebie 

This obviously didn’t happen this month. 

I’d like to take the time at some point to start thinking through exactly what products I want to offer and how my freebies play into that. It doesn’t make sense to do the work of putting together a freebie and growing an email list if it’s not going to lead anywhere. 

However, I would like to put together a productivity freebie to gauge interest in the topic. When I sent out a survey to my audience a few months ago, productivity was chosen as a topic of interest by quite a few of my readers. 

I’m still trying to figure out how much time to dedicate to productivity and personal growth and how much to dedicate to Pinterest tips. 

Create tripwire product 

This didn’t happen either, but I think that’s okay for now. My free Pinterest course didn’t get quite as much traffic as I would have liked, so I want to focus on driving more traffic to it before creating a tripwire product for it. 

My Business Goals for June 2019 

I know that I always have goals for my business, but this month, I’m forgoing the goals.  

It’s going to be a busy month and I’ll be in Rwanda for 3 out of the 4 weeks, so I don’t want to give myself any added pressure.  

Like May, I’m going to focus on doing what’s absolutely necessary and not spend too much time worrying on other things. 

With the time that I do have, though, I’d like to work on writing more content and growing the traffic to my Pinterest freebie. 

May 2019 Traffic 

Pageviews: 10,746 (up from 10,430)
Email Subscribers: 129 (up from 105)
Pinterest Followers: 2,060 (up from 1,769) 
Facebook Page Likes: 19 (up from 18) 

In May, my traffic went up slightly and I had the highest number of email signups yet. 

Overall, it was a good month for spending so little time on the blog. 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month: 

May 2019 Blog Traffic

May 2019 Income 

Income: $542.30 

Amazon Affiliates: $10.55 
Make Over Your Mornings: $35.50 
Shareasale: $2.25 
Pinterest Management Services: $494.00 

I love that I have a business that’s earning money now!  

While $500 definitely isn’t a full-time income, it’s a step in the right direction.  

Next, I need to focus on building up my affiliate income and product income, so that my income streams are a little more passive. 

I spent some time in May to find the best ebook or course about advanced affiliate marketing techniques. After extensive research, I finally settled on PotPieGirl’s Niche Post Conversion Strategies.  

In the book, Jen shares 13 techniques for increasing affiliate click throughs and sales. I haven’t applied all of the techniques yet, but just applying one of the techniques to one of my posts resulted in a 43% increase in click throughs and a 61% increase in income from that post in May, which is amazing! I’m really excited to dive in further and apply more of the techniques! 

May 2019 Expenses 

Expenses: $14.92 

PayPal fees: $14.92 

Expenses were low this month – just some inevitable PayPal fees – so I’m walking away from May with a profit of $527.38! 

One Last Note 

I hope you found my May income report inspiring. I’m so grateful for this business I’ve built and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with others and encourage them in their own journeys.  

Let me know in the comments what you’ll be working on this month! 

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  • Jasper Stojanovski

    It’s good to see that your blog is now consistently generating income!

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    Thanks for sharing your income for May, and I look forward to your next income report!

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