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March 2019 Income Report – Eleventh Month of Blogging

March was an intense month with a lot of hard work. I’m glad that we have finally made it through and that I’m now sharing my March income report! 

This month, I spent quite a bit of time focused on schoolwork and not as focused on the blog, but I did accomplish some big things, like opening my business bank account and switching my blog’s host.  

Switching hosts can be a big deal for bloggers, so before we dive into my official blog goals, I want to share a little about my decision to switch and answer some of the questions that you might have.

March 2019 Income Report - My Eleventh Month of Blogging

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Switching Hosts 

As you probably know, because I mention it in almost every income report, my previous host was Bluehost.

I want to start by saying that Bluehost served me well. Their control panel was easy to use, their support always answered my questions, and they offered a better price than I could find anywhere else. Because of this, I still think that Bluehost is a great option for those who are just starting their blog. 

However, as my blog has grown, I’ve realized that my site load times aren’t as fast as I’d like them to be, and, soon, I’ll reach a level of traffic that Bluehost simply can’t handle. So, when I was notified that my year of hosting would be up on April 1st, I decided to go ahead and make the switch to Siteground. 

Siteground has really great reviews and, from what I’ve heard, can handle large amounts of traffic much better than Bluehost. So far, they’ve been very responsive to all my questions and my site load times have been faster. So, as of right now, I’m happy with the change. 

One thing I’ll mention is that, during the switch, something went wrong and my site was displaying a security warning to anyone who attempted to visit the site during that time. In those 24 hours, I had next to no traffic. With how intense the security warning was, I’m actually surprised by the few people who decided to risk it anyways. 

I finally reached out to Siteground to ask what was going on and they were able to fix the problem in less than 10 minutes. I just wish I had reached out earlier, because the issue ended up costing me quite a few readers. 

All that to say, don’t wait to check in with your host if you suspect there’s an issue. 

If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out my in-depth series on everything you need to know to start a blog.

Previous Income Reports 

February 2019 Income Report: $187.41
January 2019 Income Report: $37.85
May 2018 Income Report: $0

March 2019 Goals 

Moving on to my official goals for March:

Get 50 new email subscribers 

I worked towards this goal a little and am very, very close to finishing my opt-in freebie.  

But, because of how much time I dedicated to schoolwork in March, I’m still not quite finished. My hope is to finish the opt-in this week and share it with one of my lists next week, before putting it up on the blog for new subscribers. 

This project has taken so much longer than I ever thought it would, but I am taking slow and steady steps towards finishing it. 

Email each list at least once 

In March, I ended up emailing one of my lists twice, but not sending anything to the other one.  

My first list is my Jamimico list, which you can join by filling out any of the subscription boxes around my site. This was the list I emailed twice. 

The first email was a survey asking my readers what they want me to write about and I LOVED the responses. It was so great to hear from the Jamimico community about what interests them and what areas they need to improve in.

The second email was to let them know about a post I published about how I organize my month with Trello

My second list is specifically geared towards Pinterest and the only way to get on it is to sign up for the free pin templates I offer on certain posts.  

Because my new opt-in will be Pinterest-related, I was hoping to have it finished this month and to send it to my Pinterest list for feedback. But that didn’t quite happen in March, so my Pinterest subscribers can be expecting a few emails from me in the next few weeks. 

My Business Goals for April 2019 

I’ve decided to keep the same goals for April. I know, I know… it’s getting boring. Sorry, not sorry. These are the things I need to focus on in order to grow and nurture my email lists.  

Get 50 new email subscribers 

As I mentioned above, I’m almost done creating the opt-in and then I’m planning to send it to my Pinterest email list to get their insights before releasing it to the world. 

I’m really excited about the opt-in because it’s super valuable and I think it will make a big difference for anyone who is trying to grow their business’s traffic. I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Email each list at least once 

This should be an obvious activity for my business. Like pinning regularly and posting new blog posts regularly, I should be emailing my lists regularly, too. But until this becomes more of a habit, I’m going to keep it as one of my goals. 

March Traffic 

Pageviews: 11,783 (down from 16,283)
Email Subscribers: 87 (up from 70)
Pinterest Followers: 1,512 (up from 1,179)
Facebook Page Likes: 15

My traffic this month was down a little, but what was so amazing about this month is that there were no spikes. While spikes in traffic are great, I’m amazed that a normal level of traffic still managed to bring in almost 12,000 pageviews. 

I had one new pin this month that, for about three days, was driving a decent amount of traffic. Then, it died. I have no idea what happened, but the traffic from that pin suddenly dropped to zero and hasn’t picked up again since. I’m still holding out hope, though, that the three days of good traffic is a sign that the pin will take off at some point in the future. 

Because I emailed my list this month, I had a few people unsubscribe. I knew this would happen, since it’s been so long since I last emailed the list. But this means that the number of new subscribers is actually a little higher than reflected in the stats above. 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month: 

March 2019 Traffic

March 2019 Income 

Income: $225.57 

Amazon Affiliates: $17.82
Make Over Your Mornings: $8.50
Shareasale: $2.25
Pinterest Management Services: $197.00

Another great month of income! I’m loving this whole actually-making-money thing! 

In April, I plan to start offering Pinterest strategy sessions to help business owners grow their traffic through Pinterest. You’ll walk away from your Pinterest strategy session with a complete strategy for increasing your traffic. No more guessing. Just more traffic. 

I’ll only be offering a (very) small number of strategy sessions each month, and I’ll only be offering them to my Pinterest email list. If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for my email list by taking my FREE 5-day Pinterest course. Just click the banner below!

March 2019 Expenses 

Expenses: $118.39 

Siteground: $71.40 
Bluehost: $15.99 
Tailwind: $14.99 
Bank fees: $10.00 
PayPal fees: $6.01 

This was another expensive month for the blog. Good thing I made so much money! 

As I explained above, my hosting and domain expired on April 1st, so I had to renew my hosting for the year. This is always a big expense, but, luckily, I won’t have to pay it again until next March. 

I’m hoping that by the time March rolls around again, $70 will feel like a small payment. 

One Last Note 

I hope you’ve found the income report for my eleventh month of blogging helpful. Next month, I’ll get to share my wisdom from a full year of blogging… say what?! 

Let me know in the comments what your business goals for the month are!


  • Hope


    This is an interesting report on your incomes and am following it.

    I started my Pinterest and blog post about 4 months ago without any idea on how to use Pinterest to gain traffic but interestingly my Pinterest monthly unique viewers hit over 800K but then its fluctuated between 800K and 700K and I have no idea why.

    But again my website click is just less than 100 and that is terrible.

    I am keen to learn how I can hit over 1M monthly views and have a better website click like yours.


    • Mikaela Miller

      Hi Hope,

      I’m glad you’ve found my income reports interesting!

      Pinterest can take a little time to get going, but 800K viewers in 4 months is great! If you get that many impressions each month, but only 100 clicks to your website, it’s probably because of an issue with your pins. Make sure that they make the reader want to click through them, not just pin them.

      I’ve recently put together a free Pinterest course for my readers. If you’re interested, you can find it here.

      Hope this helps!

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