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June 2019 Income Report

We are now halfway through the year and it’s time for my June income report! 

In June, I spent three weeks in Rwanda, working on my MA and exploring the country. I had a really great trip! But it didn’t leave much time for blogging.  

Now that I’m back, I’m hatching up some pretty big plans for the rest of the year. I’m not ready to share anything yet, but I’m super excited about some ideas that I’ve been considering. 

For now, I’ll share with you how the business fared while I was away and what I’ll be focusing on in July. 

This was my workspace while I was in Rwanda. Can I go back?!

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June 2019 Goals Review 

I decided to forgo business goals in June. I knew I’d be travelling and wouldn’t have a lot of time to focus on the blog. 

I’m glad I didn’t put too much pressure on myself, because June ended up being a very busy month with lots of schoolwork and travel. 

Instead of trying to do too much, I just focused on the things that had to get done. 

My Business Goals for July 2019 

Create a freebie 

If you’ve been around the online business world for more than a day or two, you’ve probably heard that “the money is in the list”.  

Every online business expert ever will tell you that your email list is the most important asset your business has. 

Unfortunately, after a year of running my blog, my list is still way too small.  

So, I’ve decided to put some renewed effort into getting new subscribers, starting with creating another freebie.  

Outside of the freebie, I’ll also be working on optimizing my opt-in forms in order to raise their conversion rates. 

This is my main goal for the month. 

June 2019 Traffic 

Pageviews: 12,975 (up from 10,746) 
Email Subscribers: 153 (up from 129) 
Pinterest Followers: 2,339 (up from 2,060) 
Facebook Page Likes: 19 

Traffic was up this month!  

I seriously love Pinterest and its ability to drive massive amounts of traffic to my blog all by itself. 

I set up all my pins in Tailwind at the beginning of the month and didn’t have to touch my account at all while I was travelling. So wonderful! 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month: 

June 2019 Income 

Income: $309.31 

Amazon Affiliates: $10.06 
Shareasale: $2.25 
Pinterest Management Services: $297.00 

As you can see, my income was a little lower this month, both in affiliate income and services income. I think it’s likely that my income will remain around this level through the summer. 

Overall, though, I’m still happy with where it’s at. 

June 2019 Expenses 

Expenses: $8.91 

PayPal fees: $8.91 

Once again, PayPal fees were my only business expense.  

Online businesses are the best when it comes to low overhead! (Can you tell that I’m in love with my business?!) 

One Last Note 

June was a seriously incredible month. (If you want proof, go check out my personal growth goals post for some fun picks of me on a boat with a monkey.) 

In July, I’m diving back into the business and I’m so excited for some of the things that are in store! 

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