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July 2018 Personal Growth Goals

I can’t believe it’s already July! I spent most of June in Rwanda for my grad program, which was an incredible experience. But now I’m back home, learning to juggle the work and school and blogging that have become my day-to-day.

Personal Growth Goals


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I created Jamimico to keep a record of my personal growth journey and, in doing so, to encourage other women to pursue their goals, too.

In May, I wrote about my personal and blog goals in one post together at the beginning of the month. But going forward, I’ve decided to separate them out and have one post for my personal goals and a different post for my blog goals.

You can read my personal goals for May here: May 2018 Goals

And my first income report (and blog goals post) here: May 2018 – My First Income Report

I didn’t share my personal goals in June, since I knew I would be in Rwanda, focusing mainly on school. But I do plan to share an income report for June within the next few days. (Update: check out June’s income report here.)

Create and Stick to a Morning Routine (Again)

In May, I attempted to create a morning routine and failed miserably. I recently shared the reasons I failed, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to let my previous attempt keep me from trying again. I plan to learn from my mistakes and (hopefully) do better this month. (I’ll let you know how it goes.)

My plan for this month is similar to the plan I set up for May, but I’m going to try to be more realistic about what I can and can’t accomplish. In May, I tried to go from waking up at 7am to waking up at 5:30am in just one month. This month I’ll work towards waking up consistently at 6am, and then see where things go from there. I still have a hard time getting to bed by 10pm, so a 5:30am schedule may not work for me (and that’s okay).

Part of my goal for creating a morning routine this month will also be to use my commute more productively. At the moment, I spend a lot of my commute time listening to music or podcasts (which is good). But, now that I’m in school, I’d like to start using that time to listen to some of the required readings or write drafts of assignments.

Read the Bible and Pray Daily

In a way, this is tied to my morning routine, because I plan to use the extra time I have in my mornings to accomplish this, but it’s also a separate goal. I really struggle with having a consistent quiet time and I need to get better about it.

I’ve decided that, for now, it doesn’t matter how long the time is each day – it can be half an hour or 2 minutes – I just need to be consistent about doing it every day. The plan is to make a chart in my bullet journal that I’ll mark every day when I do my quiet time. That way, I won’t allow myself to miss a single day this month.

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One Last Note

I’m really excited about my two goals this month and am very determined to accomplish them. I know that they will both have a big impact on my day-to-day and make a difference in multiple areas of my life. I look forward to letting you know how it goes! (You can read how this month’s goals went here!)

If you’re interested in also reading my blogging goals for the month, you can check out my June income report.

My Personal Growth Goals for July

My Personal Growth Goals for July

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