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January 2020 Income Report

I wish I could start my January income report by saying that January was a huge month with a big spike in traffic and tons of new subscribers and affiliate sales… but nope.  

My absence from the blog over the last few months definitely took its toll on the usual spike that happens around the holidays/first week of January. While traffic did go up and subscribers stayed relatively steady, income was definitely down from December and there wasn’t any lasting increase in traffic. 

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For a full explanation of my absence over the last few months, you can check out my November income report. Otherwise, here’s my traffic and income for January. 

P.S. I crossed a huge dream off my bucket list in January. Keep reading to find out what!

January 2020 Traffic 

Pageviews: 7,740 (up from 7,492) 
Email Subscribers: 626 (up from 576) 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month:  

January 2020 Blog Traffic

Last January, my traffic had a major spike and then it stayed high following the spike. From what others have said, this seems pretty normal. But, unfortunately, because I hadn’t been putting any new content on Pinterest, I didn’t see that same spike this year. 

Regardless, I was happy to see a small increase in traffic and was pleasantly surprised by how well the blog held up in general. 

January 2020 Income 

Income: $12.25 

Shareasale: $6.75 
Amazon Affiliates: $5.50 

My income was obviously down from December, but pretty on par with what I expected for the month. In fact, this is about the level of income I expect for the next few months as I ramp things back up. 

January 2020 Expenses 

Expenses: $35 

ConvertKit: $29 
GSuite: $6 

Expenses this month were just the usual – ConvertKit and GSuite.  

While I haven’t been sending emails and making full use of ConvertKit, the number of subscribers it helps bring in is totally worth the amount that I’m spending on it. Since I don’t pay for advertising, it’s basically providing 50 cent leads each month.  

In January, I also officially paid myself my first income from my blog! Up until this point, I had kept all of the money I made in my business account and hadn’t paid myself at all.

But I finally decided it was time to use some of this hard earned money to pay myself. I won’t share how much it was, because I don’t want to set a precedent, but, believe me, we put it to good use… we went to Iceland!

I’ll spare you the photos of me looking like an icicle because it was FREEZING. But I will say that this money was some of the best spent money we’ve had in a while. We’ve been dreaming of this trip for years and it really was as amazing as we thought it would be!

It’s so fun to know that my hard work on this blog over the last year helped pay for one of my dreams!

One Last Note 

Overall, January’s income report met my expectations – some income but nothing superb – because I hadn’t touched the blog in a few months. Despite a fairly uneventful month on the blog-side, January was an incredible month with adventures I will never forget!

Now that it’s April and I’m getting back into the swing of things, I have big dreams for where this blog is headed! 

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