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January 2019 Personal Growth Goals

How is it already time for my January 2019 Personal Growth Goals post?! I have to say that time flies by so much faster when you run your own business. There’s so much you want to accomplish and, with every passing month, it feels like nothing gets done. 

However, on the personal growth side of things, I had some big wins in December and I’m so excited to share them with you! 

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December Goals Report 

December was the last month of the Last 90 Days Challenge and I decided to go all in. While I certainly wasn’t perfect and didn’t meet every goal every day, this month was SO much better than previous months. 

I’ll go into detail about how I did with each goal, but, overall, I’m so proud of the progress I made in December.  

Get up an hour earlier than you normally do and use the time for yourself 

In December, I hosted the #shareyourmornings challenge on my Facebook page, where the goal was to wake up early and encourage one another in pursuing our morning routines.  

The challenge was HUGE for me. For the first time in my life, I consistently woke up at 5:30am every morning for an entire week, which for me is a big deal. And it was only possible because I knew there would be women holding me accountable. 

While I didn’t keep up the 5:30am wake up time through the rest of the month, I did wake up before 7am each morning, and there were several mornings that I woke up closer to 6.  

Work out for at least thirty minutes three times a week 

I have to admit that I didn’t do so well with this one, but I did do better than months prior, especially at the beginning of the month.  

Health is important to me and, with all the food I ate over the holidays, I’m definitely going to make this a priority again in January. 

Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water 

Holla! I smashed this goal. 

At first, this felt like a LOT of water. I felt like I was consistently drowning in water.  

But now, it’s become a habit and I don’t even notice I’m drinking that much. I just keep a bottle at the office and continue to fill it up and drink it throughout the day. 

I also love how this has helped cut my soda intake. I still drink soda when I go out occasionally, but it’s not an everyday occurrence and I rarely drink it at the office. When you’re full of water, soda sounds completely unappetizing. 

Give up one food category you know you shouldn’t be eating 

Being gluten-free around the holidays is hard. Like, really hard.  

Everyone wants to offer you cookies and you constantly have to turn them down and then they want to know why you won’t eat the cookies they so graciously made for you, and all the while inside you’re dying to eat all their cookies because gluten is delicious. 

But I only caved 3 times this month. Only 3 tastes of Christmas goodness (and 2 of them were the traditional fruit bread that my family makes every year on Thanksgiving). 

I’m really proud of myself for only giving in 3 times.

Write down ten things you’re grateful for every single day 

This is probably the one I did the worst at. I rarely make time to sit down and write, so it just didn’t happen most days. While I don’t think I’m going to make this a goal again, I am going to try to write more and reflect more this month. 

January Personal Growth Goals 

Honestly, having pursued 5 goals for the last 3 months, I’m ready for a change of pace. I’ve been really tired this month and I want to take a break from constantly pushing myself and telling myself that I should be doing more or that I should be more. 

So, this month I’m keeping my personal growth goals simple: 

Work out three times a week 

I’ve been seriously lacking energy and I haven’t felt my best for the last couple months, so I really want to take care of myself this month and a big part of that is exercise.  

I’m not going to say how long I have to exercise for, because I think even 15 minutes is enough to make a difference. 15 minutes is better than the 0 I’m at now. 

Journal once a week 

I am an introvert. 100%. 

I need time to be alone and think and process. I haven’t really gotten that time lately and I can feel it wearing on me. It feels like I’m not being as intentional about life as I have been in the past and it’s affecting every part of my life. 

So, this month, I’m going to set aside time once a week to just be still and quiet and think and journal.  

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this. 

Books I’m Reading 

In case you missed last month’s post, I’ve added in this little section to let you in on what I’ve been reading, just in case you’re curious. 

For the past few months, I’ve been reading mostly non-fiction, so I decided to switch it up a little with a couple fiction books this month. 

The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain 

As you may know, I’ve challenged myself to read 100 classic novels by the end of 2022. So far, I’ve read 51, which leaves me with 49 to go. That’s a lot of books to read in 4 years, so I really need to start picking up the pace.  

I stumbled upon this book because it was available as an audiobook through my library. I like to listen to audiobooks during my commute to work, because it makes my commute a little more productive. 

Honestly, so far it’s been good, but nothing to rave about. There are parts that are amusing and you always have to admire Twain’s wit, but I haven’t enjoyed this book nearly as much as I enjoyed Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn. 

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman 

A few of my friends (and a few of their friends that I haven’t met yet) decided to start a book club and this is our first book! 

I’m really excited about the idea of a book club and am glad that one of my friends suggested it. Although, I’m pretty sure there will be more wine drinking and chatting than actual book discussion at our meetings… which I’m totally okay with. 

I’ve only gotten one chapter into the book so far, so I can’t really offer any opinions yet. But I can say that this book is another one of those that’s super popular and would have taken me eons to get at the library… so I went ahead and bought it. I’ll let you know next month if it was worth the buy. 

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One Last Note 

I vividly remember when it became 2006 and I couldn’t believe it was already 2006. Well, now it’s 2019. Crazy. 

I’ve declared it elsewhere, but I’m also going to declare it here: 2019 is my year.

It’s the year I’m going to take this business full time. It’s the year I’m going to decide when and where I work. It’s the year that I’m going to make enough money to take my dream vacation to Iceland. It’s the year I’m going to inspire and encourage thousands of women to create lives they love.

Stay tuned, because there are big things ahead for me and Jamimico. 

What are some goals you hope to accomplish in 2019? Let me know in the comments!

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