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February 2020 Income Report

February’s income report is my last income report since being MIA on the blog. As a quick recap, I took a little break from blogging, which you can read about in November’s income report, but now I’m back more ready than ever to take on this big dream of mine. 

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February is when all of my big annual payments become due, so it was a very expensive month for the blog. Months like this are why it’s so important as a small business owner to save up your smaller monthly revenues.  

Here’s a quick look at my traffic, income, and expenses for February! 

February 2020 Traffic 

Pageviews: 6,220 (down from 7,740) 
Email Subscribers: 681 (up from 626) 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month:  

February was by far my lowest traffic month in a loooonnnng time. My traffic actually hasn’t been this low since 2018, but it was definitely to be expected, since I completely neglected all social media and marketing for four months.  

Despite the low traffic numbers, subscribers were up and things are still looking pretty good for the blog. I think it should be fairly easy to get back to up to my 2019 numbers once I start focusing on Pinterest and social media again. 

P.S. I just started an Instagram account, so check it out! (I have, like, two posts and 5 followers so far, but I have big plans for it, so follow me and stick around for more regular updates on life and whatnot.) 

February 2020 Income 

Income: $9.32 

Shareasale: $4.50 
Amazon Affiliates: $4.82 

Again, income was down, but right on track with what I expected, so no surprises here.  

I actually think my four-month hiatus has been a fairly interesting experiment on how a blog can hold up with no interaction. It will be interesting to see how quickly traffic and income rises over the next few months. 

February 2020 Expenses 

Expenses: $35

ConvertKit: $29 
GSuite: $6 

Expenses this month were just the usual monthly expenses.

If you’re interested in a more accurate picture of what my blog expenses look like, check out March’s income report to see all of my annual expenses, too. The monthly expenses are slightly misleading because the annual expenses are much higher and all happen around the same time of year.

One Last Note 

Well, that wraps up my February income report and all of my catch-up reports for the last few months.  

I’ll be publishing my March income report in a couple days and sharing a little about where I’m going from here. It’s going to be super detailed and honest, so I think it’ll be worth a read. Also, I’ll be sharing a little secret that I’ve already let my community in on. Don’t miss it! 

You can see my other income reports here: 

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