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February 2019 Personal Growth Goals

It’s the end of the month and time to share my personal growth goals for February. 

In all transparency, January has been a hard month. I’ve been going, going, going for so long now – constantly doing work, schoolwork, blogging – that my mind hit a wall. I’m not physically tired, but I am extremely tired mentally. 

For two weeks straight, I would go to do my schoolwork and then just stare at the computer or a book and not accomplish anything. My mind literally refused to function. 

This week, I realized that something needs to change. I think the last couple months have been leading up to this, but I can’t ignore it any longer. I need to give myself space to rest. 

So this month I’m focusing on self-care and rest. 

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January Goals Report 

First, here’s how my goals went in January. 

Work out three times a week 

I didn’t do so well at the beginning of the month, but, since then, I’ve started walking up and down four flights of stairs at my office twice a day. (Yes, that’s eight flights of stairs.) 

I’ve started doing it in the afternoon, because I find I have more energy then and it acts as a good way of waking me up from the naptime slump. Once I walk the stairs, I always feel a little more motivated to tackle some of the harder assignments at work. 

While it isn’t much, it’s something and I think that doing this every day is better than not exercising at all, so I’m counting this as a win. 

Journal once a week 

I only journaled once this month. Another sign that I need to slow down and give myself space. I’m going to carry over this goal into next month as part of my self-care. 

February Personal Growth Goals 

Journal once a week 

I had this as a goal for last month and didn’t do very well with it, but I’d like to try to do better this month. Like I mentioned above, I need to start being intentional about making time for myself and I think journaling will help with that. 

I used to journal all the time. All the way through high school and college, I would journal consistently throughout the day and always had a notebook with me for jotting down thoughts.  

Since leaving college, though, I’ve stopped taking the time to journal. Part of that is not feeling as comfortable journaling in public spaces, anymore. So I think I need to be intentional about journaling at home in the mornings or evenings. 

Don’t work on Sundays 

As part of my effort to give myself more space to rest, I’ve decided to not work on Sundays. This means no work, no schoolwork, no blogging.  

I don’t think this should be too difficult because Sundays are already pretty busy for us. My husband is a worship minister, so we spend the morning at church and then normally have lunch with friends from church. Then, in the afternoon, we lead a Bible study, and then head back home for dinner and a quiet evening.  

In the past, I’ve felt the necessity to do schoolwork on Sundays because that’s the day all of my assignments are due. If it’s a big assignment, I’ll work on it on Friday and Saturday and then finalize and submit it on Sunday. I have a few big assignments like that this month, so I’ll just need to be intentional about submitting them on Saturday. (One of them is due tomorrow, so I’ll be hopping off here shortly to get that done.) 

One of the things that I love most about this goal is that it gives me a day that can be completely guilt-free. Because I have so much that needs to get done all the time, I often feel guilty if I’m resting or not working on something. But Sundays are officially guilt-free.

Books I’m Reading 

Here are the books I made it through this month: 

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman 

As I mentioned last month, I’ve joined a book club and this was our first book. To be honest, it started out slow and there were parts in the first couple chapters when I wondered if I should really keep reading. But, I’m happy to report, it did get better and, overall, it was an amusing, thoughtful, and uplifting book.  

Also, I won’t give it away, but there’s a twist at the end that you’ll never see coming. I knew there was twist and I tried to guess what it was and I wasn’t even close.  

The ending will leave you thinking about mental health and the impact that childhood trauma can have on your health and well-being.

P.S. This book is currently #37 on Amazon, so it’s definitely popular.

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines 

This was my second time reading this book because I love it! 

My husband often makes fun of me for my love of Fixer Upper, but who wouldn’t love a wholesome show about a couple that takes old rickety houses and turns them into something beautiful?! 

Anyways, I love this book because of the story it tells about risks and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, it’s always uplifting to hear about other people’s journeys and what it took for them to get where they are. 

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d definitely recommend it. 

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris 

Y’all. This book was INTENSE. 

It’s the second book for my book club and the ladies were raving about it long before we had our meeting for the first book, so I borrowed it from a friend and couldn’t put it down.  

It’s been a long time since I read a book that had me enthralled, but I devoured this one in three days. Then I told my husband he had to read it because it was SO good. 

If you’re even remotely interested in thrillers, this is a must read. I don’t tend to do scary and would never have picked it up on my own, but I’m so glad it was picked for my book club. 

You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole way through and you’ll end up hoping the murderer gets away with it. It’s that good. 

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One Last Note 

Here’s to a month of rest and balance! I’m all about going full steam, but sometimes you just need to take a step back. 

Let me know in the comments what your personal growth goals are for February!

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