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February 2019 Income Report – Tenth Month of Blogging

While it may have seemed quiet around here over the last month, February was actually an incredible month for the business. Here’s my February 2019 income report! 

February 2019 Income Report - Tenth Month of Blogging

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I didn’t write any blog posts and I didn’t reach my goal for the month. In fact, I barely worked on the business at all (with one big exception), but it ended up being my best month yet income-wise. I made almost $200, which feels amazing! 

So what’s the big exception? What did I work on? My first client’s Pinterest account! I landed my first Pinterest client this month and have been hard at work optimizing their account and pinning away. It’s been so fun to watch their account grow and I’m excited to see their traffic really start to pick up in the next couple weeks. 

Because I was focused on my client’s Pinterest, I definitely neglected the rest of the business, but that didn’t mean my other sources of income went down. Instead, traffic and affiliate income was up this month! It’s beyond cool to know that I made $40 this month without doing anything for it and it’s easy to see how blogging can eventually lead to significant passive income. 

All of these big wins have given me a renewed excitement about my business and a willingness to dive headfirst into it in March! Let’s talk about my February goals and what I’m hoping to accomplish on the blog this month. 

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Previous Income Reports 

January 2019 Income Report: $37.85
December 2018 Income Report: $11.77
May 2018 Income Report: $0

February 2019 Goals 

Get 50 new email subscribers 

Fail: 19 new email subscribers

As I mentioned above, I didn’t accomplish this goal in February… not even close. I did start creating an opt-in freebie, but I didn’t manage to finish it. Therefore, my email subscribers didn’t see the big increase I planned for. 

One thing to note, though, is that, even without a super awesome opt-in freebie, I gained 19 new email subscribers. If that many people are signing up with very little incentive, it makes me wonder how many will subscribe when I offer something great.

My Business Goals for March 2019 

Get 50 new email subscribers 

Because I failed at this last month, I’ve decided to keep it as one of my goals for this month. I have this week off of school, so I have a little extra time to focus on creating a freebie. 

I’ll be using the same plan I wrote out last month, so check out January’s income report if you want all the details. 

Email each list at least once 

I realized this month that there’s no point in growing my email list if I don’t ever send emails. I actually have two lists, so I’m going to email each list at least once in March.  

One of the reasons I haven’t emailed my list is because I’m not sure what to write about. So if you have suggestions or something you’d like to hear more about, please let me know in the comments! 

February Traffic 

Pageviews: 16,283 (up from 13,899)
Email Subscribers: 70 (up from 51)
Pinterest Followers: 1,179 (up from 802)
Facebook Page Likes: 15 (up from 11)

I’m still so amazed at how my traffic keeps growing. I keep thinking it’s going to die and then all of a sudden it spikes and my numbers for the month go way up. 

There’s really only a handful of posts that are driving most of the traffic, so I want to work on creating a few more popular posts that my readers will enjoy. Again, if you have topic suggestions, drop them in the comments! 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month: 

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February 2019 Income 

Income: $187.41 

Amazon Affiliates: $37.66
Shareasale: $2.75
Pinterest Management Services: $147.00

Aaaahhh! Aren’t those numbers exciting?! I feel like things are really looking up for the business. 

I am officially in the green (my husband says it’s “in the black”, but I’m clearly right ;P), and, for the first time, my business has now made more money than I’ve spent on it. Woooo!!!! It definitely took longer than it should have, but you live and you learn. I’m still learning… a lot. 

Here’s to believing that these numbers will continue to go up over the next few months! 

February 2019 Expenses 

Expenses: $119.55 

LLC formation fee: $100
Tailwind: $14.99
PayPal fees: $4.56

With lots of income, come lots of expenses.  

I actually chose to spend more than I normally would this month to go ahead and make my business official. I am now the proud owner of an LLC! This was such an exciting step for me and it makes it all feel more real. It also makes the possibility of this being a full-time gig one day feel a little more tangible. 

Big things are in store for my little business; I just know it! 

One Last Note 

What an exciting month! It’s so fun to share when things are going well for the business. If you’ve been trying to raise your business’s income, I hope you found February’s income report helpful and inspiring. 


  • Ashleigh

    I signed up for your email list in February and received your newsletter about Trello. Congrats because it brought me back and clearly I stuck around and read this post! 🙂 What really resonated with me is how open you are about your blogging journey and seeing the importance of a newsletter first hand. I mean, I’m proof it works! lol Thanks for sharing! This encourages me to keep pushing and to get working on starting my own email list.

    • Mikaela Miller

      Yay! I’m so glad to hear that my emails are reaching people. My hope is that, through sharing my blogging journey (the good and the bad), that others will be inspired to start and follow through with their own blog or business. Thanks so much, Ashleigh! P.S. Your blog is great!

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