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    How to Connect Your Vision to Your Daily Tasks

    Making the most of your time starts with knowing your vision. You can’t possibly use your time wisely if you don’t know what you want the end result to be. It’s like taking a road trip without a final destination. Fun at times, sure, but you’ll probably miss out on some things that you would have really loved to see.

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    The 5 Keys to Being More Present and Productive

    Over the last few months, I've done a lot of work to identify the key things that I need to do to thrive as both a mother and a business owner. After taking the time to figure out what was working and what wasn't, I realized that being in control of my life and creating a life I love starts with five things.

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    How to Create a Morning Routine

    Having a morning routine can be the secret to a successful day, every day. But creating a morning routine is so much easier said than done. If you're anything like me, it's likely that you've tried to create a morning routine before but have struggled to wake up and follow through. Here are some tips that will help you know how to create a morning routine that you will actually stick to (and enjoy).

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    My Minimalist Bullet Journal

    This is now my fourth year using a bullet journal and I love it! Over the years, my style has gone from busy and colorful to simple and classic. I know we, bullet journal enthusiasts, enjoy getting a sneak peek into others' journals, so I've decided to share my minimalist bullet journal with you.

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    How to Organize Your Month with Trello

    Between working full-time, running a business, and studying for my MA (not to mention keeping the house clean and everything else that comes with life), my days are pretty busy. Every day is a balancing act of work, school, business, home, marriage, and friends. Oftentimes, I get so caught up in each day that I forget to think about the week or even the month. Before I know it, an entire month has gone by and many of the things that I had hoped to accomplish that month are left undone. Enter Trello.

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    Make Over Your Mornings Review: Lessons and Takeaways

    Make Over Your Mornings is a 14-day course that combines videos, reading, and activities to help you create a morning routine that will set you off on the right foot each day. The course was created to only take about fifteen minutes each day, so you can curl up in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee and go through the course in the quiet of the morning. I went through the course recently (and am now going through it again), and I loved it! So I wanted share some of what I learned, what I loved about the course, and what I didn't love so much.

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    How to Make a Daily To Do List You’ll Actually Complete

    Have you ever created a to do list in the morning only to forget about it by lunchtime? Yeah, me too. A daily to do list is only helpful when we actually complete it, but that's easier said than done. As someone who loves to do lists, I've written a lot of them... and failed to complete many of them. What I've learned, though, is that completing your to do list starts with making your to do list. And there are some things you can do as you create your to do list each day that will help set you up for success.

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    107 Inspirational Productivity Quotes to Kick-Start Your Day

    Sometimes we all need a little motivation in our lives. That's why I put together this list of inspirational productivity quotes. As I was putting together this list, I found myself so inspired by some of these quotes. I actually copied one onto a sticky note and put it on the bulletin board next to my desk at work. I'm also hoping to paint one and hang it up in my home office. Anyways, all that to say that I hope you find this list of quotes as inspirational and motivational as I did!

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    How to Balance Work and School When You’re Just Too Busy

    About three months ago, I started a part-time MA program. So, on top of working full-time, spending time with my husband, mentoring a young girl, and running this blog, I'm also a student. Let's face it, I'm busy. I love my life and everything in it, but sometimes it's hard to balance it all, and I know I'm not the only one doing this. There are so many others out there who are also trying to balance a full-time job with their schoolwork. If that's you, I've decided to share some of the ways that I'm learning to balance work and school, despite being incredibly busy.