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    November 2018 Personal Growth Goals

    I'm posting my personal growth goals a little late this month. The first week of November has flown by and I can't believe it's already the 10th! Overall, October was a phenomenal month filled with lots of festivities and fun times, and with the holidays coming up, I know there are more fun times ahead. The joy of the season is so rejuvenating!

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    October 2018 Personal Growth Goals

    Talk about a crazy month! September was incredibly busy and the busyness hasn't stopped yet. Last weekend, my husband and I moved! We are now living in a house that is 20 minutes closer to my workplace and – the best part – the house has internet! (Well... it will once it's set up.) It's like walking into the 21st century!

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    September 2018 Personal Growth Goals

    August was a long month. It involved a lot of long days and some frustrations with work and school. But at the end of it all, work is looking up and I got an A on my first graduate-level course! There are some exciting things lined up for September and the rest of the year and I'm looking forward to putting (most of) those frustrations behind me and going all in on some new projects.

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    August 2018 Personal Growth Goals

    I'm not going to lie... I've been dreading writing this post. I've known for the last couple of weeks that I wasn't going to achieve my personal growth goals this month, and I've been wondering if I could just skip this month's update and hope that no one would notice. But here I am, making a full confession. I did not achieve my goals this month... neither of them.

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    May 2018 Goals – My First Month of Blogging Goals

    As I shared the process for creating short-term goals, I decided to share my own short-term goals with you, so that we can walk alongside each other as we accomplish our goals together. I've been debating whether I should share my blog goals on this post or create a separate income/traffic report with my blog goals each month. For this month, I've decided to go ahead and put it all here. As I start to actually make an income, that may change. Without further ado, here are my first month of blogging goals.