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    October 2018 Personal Growth Goals

    Talk about a crazy month! September was incredibly busy and the busyness hasn't stopped yet. Last weekend, my husband and I moved! We are now living in a house that is 20 minutes closer to my workplace and – the best part – the house has internet! (Well... it will once it's set up.) It's like walking into the 21st century!

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    13 Things to Do by Yourself During the Holiday Season

    Do have some time to yourself this holiday season? If not, make some! As an introvert, I believe that time alone is just as important as time with other people. During the holidays, time alone helps us unwind from all of the parties and family gatherings. Take an afternoon just for yourself and try one of these activities.

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    Make Over Your Mornings Review: Lessons and Takeaways

    Make Over Your Mornings is a 14-day course that combines videos, reading, and activities to help you create a morning routine that will set you off on the right foot each day. The course was created to only take about fifteen minutes each day, so you can curl up in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee and go through the course in the quiet of the morning. I went through the course recently (and am now going through it again), and I loved it! So I wanted share some of what I learned, what I loved about the course, and what I didn't love so much.

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    September 2018 Personal Growth Goals

    August was a long month. It involved a lot of long days and some frustrations with work and school. But at the end of it all, work is looking up and I got an A on my first graduate-level course! There are some exciting things lined up for September and the rest of the year and I'm looking forward to putting (most of) those frustrations behind me and going all in on some new projects.

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    Why Set Goals? 5 Reasons to Set Goals and How to Set Them

    If you're new to setting goals, you may be wondering, "Why set goals? What's the point?" I have always loved goals, and, over the course of my lifetime, I've probably (definitely) set too many of them. But I also know that not everyone gets it. So as a goal-setter by nature, I'm here to explain why I (and others) love goals so much.

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    What Is Poverty and How Should We Respond to It?

    I recently took some time to look through other blogs and see what's being written about giving back (charity, volunteering, etc.), and I realized that most blogs, even personal development blogs, don't touch on this topic. However, I think that issues of poverty and giving back are important for us to think about as we consider what we want our lives to look like. This blog is all about creating a more fulfilling life and I think this topic fits in well as we consider how best to use our time and resources.

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    August 2018 Personal Growth Goals

    I'm not going to lie... I've been dreading writing this post. I've known for the last couple of weeks that I wasn't going to achieve my personal growth goals this month, and I've been wondering if I could just skip this month's update and hope that no one would notice. But here I am, making a full confession. I did not achieve my goals this month... neither of them.

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    The 100 Novel Challenge

    In 2014, I set a long-term goal to read 100 classic novels by the end of 2022. I have always loved classic novels. There's just something special about a book that's been read and appreciated for such a long time. I know I don't have to convince you how wonderful classic novels are! From the very beginning – even though it was just a personal goal – I called my resolve the 100 Novel Challenge.