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    August 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    After getting back from Rwanda at the beginning of July, I had just a couple of weeks before we turned around and headed out to Ohio to visit family for a week. It was a great visit filled with lots of fun and rollercoasters (shout out to Cedar Point and its incredible rides!), but I'm happy to be back home and ready for some semblance of routine. I am very excited to dive into my personal growth goals in August! It's going to be a month of waking up early and focusing on being active and healthy.

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    July 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    June is over and I'm now back from my 3 week trip to Rwanda. It was an amazing trip with lots of exploring and sightseeing and learning. I even took a boat ride that was joined by a monkey who jumped on from a nearby island. Needless to say, I was sad for the trip to end, but glad to be back home with my husband.

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    June 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    Can you believe we're almost halfway through the year?! It's now time to recap May and share my June 2019 personal growth goals. In June, I'll be spending three weeks in Rwanda for my MA residency, so May was a busy month, working to get everything done and ready to go. I'm still busy packing and finishing up some papers that are due at the residency, so this first week of June will be a busy one. My trip also means that this month will be a little different than other months have been, with a little less freedom in my schedule. I'm excited for this month, though, because I'm…

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    May 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    I'm writing this from my bed in the middle of a work day with puffy cheeks and a half numb lip. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Monday, so the past three days have consisted of sleeping, eating ice cream, watching Fixer Upper reruns, and eating more ice cream. There was some nerve damage during the procedure, so I'm just sitting here praying that I'll be able to feel half of my face again sooner rather than later.

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    April 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    March was one of those months that was really long but, somehow, went by so quickly. The course I'm taking for my MA right now is a TON of work, so I spent most of the month focused on schoolwork – reading a million academic journals and writing a literature review that took way too long to finish. At times, I felt like I was heading towards burnout again, but with some of the mindset skills I've learned over the past few months, I was able to take a step back, identify the stressors, and change the way I was thinking about them.

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    March 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    February was an incredible month for me. I started out feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, but through focusing on rest and showing myself grace, I now feel so ready to take on the world again. Although, I know this time that I need to take things slow. While I want to do big things in March, I'm going to focus on doing a few things well, instead of focusing on a lot of little things.

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    February 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    It's the end of the month and time to share my personal growth goals for February. In all transparency, January has been a hard month. I've been going, going, going for so long now – constantly doing work, schoolwork, blogging – that my mind hit a wall. I'm not physically tired, but I am extremely tired mentally. For two weeks straight, I would go to do my schoolwork and then just stare at the computer or a book and not accomplish anything. My mind literally refused to function.

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    Why to Start Small When Setting Goals

    We've all been there. We've approached a new year with excitement about how we're going to change our life in next 12 months, and, to that end, we set big goals. But I think we all know how this ends. We give it our all for two, maybe three, weeks, only to fail before the first month is ever over. You want to know why? We don't start small.

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    January 2019 Personal Growth Goals

    How is it already time for my January 2019 Personal Growth Goals post?! I have to say that time flies by so much faster when you run your own business. There's so much you want to accomplish and, with every passing month, it feels like nothing gets done. However, on the personal growth side of things, I had some big wins in December and I'm so excited to share them with you!