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August 2019 Personal Growth Goals

After getting back from Rwanda at the beginning of July, I had just a couple of weeks before we turned around and headed out to Ohio to visit family for a week. It was a great visit filled with lots of fun and rollercoasters (shout out to Cedar Point and its incredible rides!), but I’m happy to be back home and ready for some semblance of routine. 

I am very excited to dive into my personal growth goals in August! It’s going to be a month of waking up early and focusing on being active and healthy.  

August 2019 Personal Growth Goals

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Get out of bed at 6am consistently 

I only got out of bed at 6am twice in July. So, not so great… 

However, I’m going into August determined to get up earlier in order to have more time for working out in the evenings. (More on this below.) 

I also want to get back to the good morning routine I had going a few months ago, before my schedule got out of wack with all the summer fun. 

Read the Bible every day 

My church was reading through Proverbs during the month of July – one chapter a day – but I didn’t quite keep up. I would get behind then read a few chapters to catch up, then get behind again, then read a few chapters to catch up, and so on. I still haven’t finished the whole book… woops. 

Part of my morning routine, though, is having time to read the Bible. I just need to figure out how to stay awake. I have a bad habit of falling back asleep when I read my Bible in the morning. 

Journal every day 

This one has been a consistent struggle. I want to journal in the mornings, but I honestly feel like I don’t have anything to say in the morning. 

When I was in high school and college, I journaled regularly, but I think it worked because I journaled throughout the day. I may need to go back to carrying around my journal and writing whenever I have time. 

Exercise every day 

I’m actually very excited about exercising this month. 

In July, I did a trial run of a cheap gym across the street from where I work, and it was awesome. I loved it! 

So… I’m joining a gym! I’m actually planning to head over after work today to sign up. And I am pumped! I honestly don’t know why I’m so excited, but I am, and I’m gonna ride this wave to a new, active, more healthy me. 

Also, the gym has zumba classes, which I may or may not be obsessed with. I look like a skinny, white ballet dancer when I do zumba (I can’t move my hips for the life of me), but I love it! 

Eat 1600 calories or less a day 

Along with my newfound love of the gym, I’m pretty excited about eating a more balanced and measured diet this month. 

I’m not going to go crazy with giving up a ton of foods or anything, but I do want to be more intentional about ensuring that my diet contains all of the nutrients I need to be healthy.  

I’ve picked up a few books about healthy eating and how to balance a diet, and I’m now equipped with some fun, new knowledge to help me create delicious and healthy meal plans each week. 

Eat gluten no more than once a week 

I did really well with this in July. I think there was only one week that I had gluten twice, and, in most cases, eating gluten just meant that I had something with a small amount of gluten, like an egg roll. Unlike in the past when I’ve said “what the heck” and declared a day free of gluten-freeness and then chowed gluten to my heart’s content, only to regret it later. 

I’ve found that if I only eat small amounts about once a week, the gluten doesn’t cause enough inflammation to make me sick. So yay for small indulgences! 

Books I’m Reading 

July really flew by! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been back from Rwanda for over a month now. It’s gone so fast that it feels like I read some of these books forever ago. 

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington

I love, love, loved this book! I rented it from the library (twice), but I may just go ahead and buy it once I have to return it this time around. It’s hands down one of my favorite productivity books I’ve read yet, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve read a lot of productivity books. 

I think 12 weeks is a really good timeframe for working towards (and accomplishing) goals and I can see so many ways that both I and my coworkers would be more productive if we used a 12 week system. 

I highly recommend this book for both employees and entrepreneurs. It’s helpful in any and every situation. 

Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy

This book is helpful for newbies to productivity. If you’re looking for a quick reference guide to all of the productivity hacks out there, this is it.  

While there wasn’t any new information in the book for me – I had heard of all 21 tips before – it’s helpful to have all of the tips in one, well-formatted context for easy reference. 

But, if you’re new to productivity books, it’s likely that you’ll get quite a bit out of this one, so it’s worth the read. 

Grit by Angela Duckworth

I’m going to be completely honest to say that I read this book almost a month ago and now can’t remember most of what it said. But… I did appreciate its overall message that those who succeed generally succeed because they’re willing to show up and work hard and keep going even when it’s tough. 

It was a good book, but maybe not worth all the hype it’s gotten… in my humble opinion. 

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One Last Note 

July was a fun month, but I’m looking forward to finally being back in a steady routine. Summer always seems to throw things up in the air and make it difficult to stick to any sort of schedule, so I’m looking forward to fall being just around the corner. 

We are officially done with summer vacations, so August will be a great month of getting back into a routine and focusing on personal growth. 

Share your personal growth goals in the comments! 

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