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August 2019 Income Report

August was another great month for the blog. While I wasn’t quite as productive as I would have like to be, blog pageviews and revenues stayed on track and everything is running smoothly. Here’s a look at my August 2019 income report! 

August 2019 Income Report

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August 2019 Goals Review 

Have 400 email subscribers 

I knew going into August that this was quite a stretch goal. While I didn’t hit this number, I saw a really good growth in my email list compared to previous months and ended the month with 302 email subscribers. 

Write 6 blog posts 

Towards the end of the month, I became very unproductive. Since September is a very busy month for us, I decided I really wanted to take some time to relax before the craziness of September. 

I ended up writing 4 blog posts in August, which is better than previous months, but not quite enough to meet my 6 posts goal. 

In September, I’ll need to step up my game and knock out some blog posts and other things (including a 20 page paper for my current MA class). 

What Worked Well 

My Pinterest 101 Handbook 

Last month, I released a free Pinterest guide for beginners. 

It’s been a great way of getting new subscribers and I know that it’s helping others because the click-rates on my follow-up emails are high. Many of the people who download the guide go on to take my free 5-day Pinterest email course. (Update: I’m no longer offering this course.) 

I’m so excited to be helping so many people grow their reach on Pinterest! 

What Didn’t Work Well 


This is only sort of in jest. In all reality, I became very unproductive towards the end of the month, which really affected the timeline on a few big projects that I’m working on – both for the blog and for school. 

Running a blog and business is about so much more than just writing blog posts or posting on social media. It takes a lot of work and time and it all rests on your self-discipline. 

When my self-discipline and productivity is lacking, it noticeably affect my business, which is why I spend so much time investing in myself and learning more about productivity. 

August 2019 Traffic 

Pageviews: 16,749 (up from 16,332) 
Email Subscribers: 302 (up from 215) 
Pinterest Followers: 2,972 (up from 2,662) 
Facebook Page Likes: 22 (up from 20) 

Traffic was great this month! My pageviews continued to go up and the last two month have been the two highest months traffic-wise since starting my blog. I hope to see that trend continue with my traffic finally passing the 17,000 pageview mark! 

Here’s a look at my blog traffic for the month: 

August 2019 Blog Traffic

August 2019 Income 

Income: $46.75 

Amazon Affiliates: $27.00 
Make Over Your Mornings: $17.00 
Shareasale: $2.75 

As I mentioned last month, I am officially putting a pause on offering services for a little while, so all of my current revenue is through affiliate marketing. Because my blog is so small and I’m very selective about the products that I promote, my revenue from affiliate marketing is generally around $50. 

I’m hoping to work on growing that revenue as I write more blog posts and find more affiliate products that I love! 

August 2019 Expenses 

Expenses: $29 

ConvertKit: $29 

Once again, my only expense for August was ConvertKit (my all-time favorite email service provider). As always, I love running a low-cost business! 

My Business Goals for September 2019 

Write 6 blog posts 

I only have one goal for September and that’s to write 6 blog posts. 

September will be very busy for me, with two trips out of town and three big projects due for school, so I’m not planning to spend too much time on the blog this month. 

In fact, given everything I’m doing this month, I’m feeling like 6 blog posts is a lot, but I’m going to do my best to crank them out because I know how important it is to add more content to my blog! 

One Last Note 

This is a bit of a shorter post than normal, but I hope that you’ve found my August 2019 income report helpful.  

I know that starting a blog and business can be somewhat confusing, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have. I love hearing from fellow bloggers! 

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  • Micha'ela

    I love how transparent you are with your goals and which ones you met and didn’t. Most people only share their WINS but I applaud you for showing your readers that we all fall short sometimes! And WOW! You had some awesome growth on your page this year.. Keep pushing through!

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