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August 2018 Income Report – Fourth Month of Blogging

It’s September and time to officially unveil my fourth income report!

In August, I got ultra-focused and created an in-depth business plan. The plan lays out exactly how much I need to make each month from various income streams to be making $4,000/month by the end of next year. It also lays out how many posts, pageviews, and email subscribers I’ll need each month to reach that goal.

How do I know? I studied a ton of income reports from new bloggers over the first year that they started making money. I looked at how much they made from different revenue streams and how many pageviews, subscribers, etc. they had at that time.

I know that getting from here to $4,000/month is going to take a lot of work, but I feel pretty confident that it’s achievable. Blogging has been so much fun, so far, and I’m looking forward to taking it to the next level.

August 2018 Income Report - Fourth Month of Blogging

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August 2018 Goals

Get 10,000 pageviews

Fail: 6,295

With how little I did on the blog content and marketing-wise, it’s definitely not a surprise that I didn’t reach 10,000 pageviews. I think I was secretly hoping that one of my posts would magically go viral and my pageviews would go through the roof, but that obviously didn’t happen.

However, I am actually pretty happy with how many pageviews I did get. It’s progress with fairly little effort.

In August, I used Pinterest on and off, but didn’t pin my posts twice daily (or even daily) like I had been. Towards the end of the month, I was pinning closer to once (15+ pins at one time) every two or three days.

Write 6 blog posts

Success: 6 posts

Writing 6 posts each month is fairly easy for me, however, any more than that and it becomes a challenge. In September, I’m really going to push myself on content creation.

Here are the posts I wrote in August:

  1. August 2018 Personal Growth Goals
  2. July 2018 Income Report – Third Month of Blogging
  3. What is Poverty and How Should We Respond to It?
  4. Why Set Goals? 5 Reasons to Set Goals and How to Set Them
  5. 107 Inspirational Productivity Quotes to Get You Motivated
  6. How to Make a Daily To Do List You’ll Actually Complete
Have 25 email list subscribers

Fail: 16 subscribers

My plan to get 25 subscribers sort of hinged on publishing an opt-in freebie by the end of the month. I didn’t make that happen in August, but it’s one of my goals for September.

Earn $100 in affiliate income

Fail: $18.78

Okay, so it’s not quite $100 (not even close), but I’m actually somewhat pleased with this number. The entirety of this money came from one link in one post, so basically it’s completely passive income from a post I wrote over 3 months ago.

I had no real plan for how I was going to make $100, so it’s not a surprise that it didn’t happen. But now that I’ve created my spiffy new plan for taking my blog to the next level, I know exactly how my income will be generated moving forward.

My Blog Goals for September 2018

For September, I’ve decided to not focus on traffic at all. In fact, I’ve decided to forgo Pinterest and all blog marketing in favor of using my time to write blog posts and create an opt-in freebie, at least until I’ve met my first two goals for the month.

I know… you think I’m crazy. There’s a definite possibility this will cause a temporary drop in traffic, but I’m not too worried about it. I know that eventually the traffic will come back, and, when it does, the blog will have more to offer for those who visit.

So here is what I will focus on in September:

Write 12 blog posts

This is going to be crazy difficult, since it’s been a struggle to write any more than 6 posts each month. But I think it’s going to go a long way in kickstarting my content.

At the end of August, I had 24 posts on the blog, so adding 12 posts will bring it up to 36. Then, if I write 8 posts per month until December, I’ll end the year with 60 posts on the blog. (It’s all a part of my cool new business plan.)

Create an opt-in freebie

Everyone says the money is in the list. I know this is true, but creating an opt-in freebie to incentivize subscribers is easier said than done.

I started to create the freebie in July, but quickly got frustrated and set it aside. I know it’s doable and I have a clear picture of what I want it to be, but actually creating it is taking a little longer than I’d like.

Because I know it’s importance, I am going to make it a priority this month to create an opt-in freebie that will help boost my email subscriptions.

Have 50 email list subscribers

This is more or less the same thing as the goal above; I’m just putting a number to it. My goal is to get 34 more subscribers by the end of the month.

Also, I haven’t actually sent any emails to my email list yet (kind of defeats the point of an email list), but I’m planning to send out my first official email right after I post this!

If you’re interested in joining the Jamimico community, just sign up below. (It will make me really happy!)


Earn $75 in affiliate income

My goal last month was to make $100, so this is actually a small step down. However, it’s all a part of the plan. I want to be reasonable about how much I can make, but in a way that is going to set me up to achieve some big goals down the road.

I also have a clearer plan this month for how I’m going to make that money (instead of just a vague hope).

I will be writing a product review and I need 7 people to purchase the product through my link. If 2% of the people who look at my post decide to purchase (which I’ve been told is a typical percentage), I’ll need 350 people to look at the post. That number is a little higher than most of my other posts have been getting, but I’m also going to create a series of posts that will act as a funnel to the review. Hopefully, it all works!

P.S. I feel like I’ve just given away all my secrets!

August 2018 Traffic

Pageviews: 6,295 (up from 4,480)
Email Subscribers: 16 (up from 13)
Pinterest Followers: 231 (up from 161)

Overall, I’m pretty happy with August’s traffic. As you can see below, the first half of the month, traffic was sort of oddly low and then it picked up halfway through and remained pretty consistent.

I honestly don’t know what made traffic jump halfway through the month, but I appreciate that it did. I was getting a little worried that pageviews would be lower than they had been the month before, so it was a huge relief when I saw the traffic go up and stay there.

This was also the first traffic spike that didn’t drop dramatically after a few days, which feels like a step in the right direction.

Here’s a look at my traffic stats for the month:

August 2018 Blog Traffic

August 2018 Income

Income: $18.78

As I mentioned above, all of this income came through one link on one post, so it really was entirely passive income from a post I wrote months ago.

Please note that this is money earned, not paid out. Many companies have minimums on their payouts along with a delayed payout schedule.

Here are the affiliate programs I am currently working with:

    1. Amazon
    2. ShareASale
    3. Bluehost
    4. Make Over Your Mornings (I wrote a review of the course!)

If you’re wondering why you don’t see any ads on the blog, it’s because I’ve decided to keep the blog ad-free. There is nothing more annoying than trying to read a post and having a bunch of ads pop up everywhere. So, while ads are easy money, I plan on monetizing through affiliate marketing and (eventually) selling my own products, instead.

August 2018 Expenses

Expenses: $0

I didn’t spend any money on the blog in August, even though I was very tempted multiple times.

Because I keep coming across tools and courses and whatnot that I want to buy for the blog, I started a list of everything I’d like to buy eventually and then I arranged the list based in the order I’m going to purchase everything in.

The next purchase will definitely be a Tailwind subscription. I used the free trial for a month, but it sadly ended in July. Since then, I’ve found that it’s difficult to keep up with manual pinning, especially as I’m creating more content. There are just too many pins! So, if I meet my income goal this month, I think I’m going to go for it.

The only expense you really need to start a blog is hosting. If you haven’t started your blog yet, you can sign up for Bluehost through my link and get a free domain.

One Last Note

August was a really fun month for the blog. I enjoyed creating my blog strategy and I had another blogger feature one of my posts on their blog (which was really cool). While my blog’s growth was a little slower than I had hoped, I actually think it’s at a good place. I’m excited to see what’s to come in the next couple months!

I hope you found my fourth income report helpful. Don’t hesitate to email any questions you might have!

How I Earned $18.78 in My Fourth Month Blogging

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